Elen Clulow - Hypnotherapist

Brampton, Cumbria, UK

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About Me - Elen Clulow

As a retired Qualified Nurse and Spiritual healer,

past pub manager, mother, and grandma I have lived

a rich and varied life in terms of experience and

working with people in many ways. I have always

been interested in all things psychic, spiritual, new


When I got the opportunity to train in Hypnotherapy,

I did it mainly so that I could help others to facilitate

their Past lives.  


I quickly learned what a fantastic tool Clinical

Hypnotherapy is and the wide array of conditions

it can help. It opened up a whole new world for me,

not only was it helping my clients with their various

conditions, but in some cases, they were learning

tools that could help them for the rest of their lives.


Later I followed the lead of people like Michael Newton

and Andy Tomlinson and trained in Life Between Lives. Another

incredible journey.




Recently I made the decision to concentrate on the spiritual side of hypnosis, helping  those who are consciously or unconsciously on their quest to find the next steps on their soul’s journey.


This has lead me to train in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, (I am a level two practioner) which is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon, which allows you to directly access the higher self.