Elen Clulow Hypnotherapist

My name is Elen and I am a trained Hypnotherapist based in Brampton, near Carlisle in Cumbria.

As a spiritual hypnotherapist, I specialise in Past Life Regressions, Life Between Lives, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Spirit Release.

Sometimes the answers we seek can only be found in our own past, regression allows us access to the feelings, emotions and situations which can be effecting our own personal development and growth.

What is Hypnosis?

This is a totally natural state, very like daydreaming or that time just before you fall asleep. During hypnotherapy, you are in total control. Nothing can happen without your consent. You are not asleep during the session and can hear everything that is being said. You will usually remember all that has happened afterwards.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can assist significantly in the relief of symptoms. It is a safe and effective form of treatment for psychological and emotional problems. It can aid in the development of a more positive attitude and help you come to terms with your illness or problems, and so bring about a marked improvement in your quality of life.

Who can be Hypnotised?

Virtually everyone can enter the hypnotic state using the right techniques and a Hypnotherapist with whom you feel empathy.

Your innermost secrets are totally safe. You cannot be compelled to reveal anything whilst in hypnosis.

Spirit Release

As well as Spiritual Hypnotherapy, I also offer Spirit Release, which is usually carried out remotely. This means I can link into any person or building, anywhere in the world, to release Spirit attachments and Negative Energies.

Hypnosis Can Help!

Hypnotherapy offers a range of benefits including:

  • Assistance in psychological and emotional problems.
  • Rapid results for many clients.
  • Fostering of positive attitudes and independence.
  • Creating confidence and competence when coping with problems.
  • A more profound level of relaxation.
  • A significant reduction of stress levels with regular use.
Problems suitable for treatment include:

Anxiety and Panic attacks
Assisting cancer treatments
Unwanted habits
High blood pressure
Low self-esteem

Pain control
Pain in childbirth
Stopping smoking
Stress-related problems
Weight control
and more………

Elen Clulow Spiritual Hypnotherpy for Past life regression, life between lives and QHHT - Brampton, Cumbria