Hypnotherapy can change your life.

Elen Clulow HypnotherpyWe all have things we could work on or problems that need addressing, I think I’ve found a solution.

Over the years such authors like Dolores Cannon, Dr Brian Weiss and Michael Newton fuelled my interest in Past Life regression. All are Hypnotherapists. Through their books I began to realise that not only was it interesting to know who you had been in a previous life, but it also could have a great therapeutic value. Illnesses, chronic pain etc. that wasn’t responding to medical intervention, sometimes, through hypnosis, may be found to have its source in a previous time. Wonderful healings have been recorded using this method. As a qualified nurse and a Spiritual Healer this really grabbed my attention.

It wasn’t until years later that I had the opportunity to train as a Clinical hypnotherapist and experience it for myself. Being able to take people back to previous lives and in some cases if the subject is able to recount name, dates, places etc. to have everything validated is really exciting. Like most people my only encounter with hypnosis was seeing it performed on stage, where various people were given a variety of suggestions ranging from running round thinking they were a chicken to getting an electric shock every time they sat down. Hypnotherapy is not like that.

During that training I realised fully the benefits hypnotherapy can offer everyone. First off, I found out how wonderfully gentle and calming the whole session is. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which the sub conscious mind remains awake and responsive to therapeutic suggestions. It is a totally natural state, like a pleasant form of daydreaming, or that time just as you drift off to sleep. During hypnosis you are in total control. Nothing can happen with out your consent. Your innermost secrets are safe, unless you wish to divulge them. You cannot be compelled to reveal anything during treatment.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective form of treatment for emotional and psychological problems. It allows you to utilise the power of your mind to overcome any problems or symptoms you may have. Hypnotherapy can help significantly in the relief of symptoms. It can aid in the development of a more positive attitude, and help you come to terms with your illness or problems, and so bring about a marked improvement in your quality of life.

Virtually everyone can enter the hypnotic state using the right techniques and a Hypnotherapist with whom you feel empathy. What kind of problems can Hypnotherapy help?
The list is as long as your imagination.

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Assisting cancer treatments
  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Relaxation
  • IBS
  • Low self esteem
  • Migraine
  • Pain control
  • Pain in childbirth
  • Stress related problems
  • Past life Regression
  • Fears and Phobias.


Many of us have fears and phobias that we live with, but sometimes they get in the way of our lives. May be you don’t have holidays abroad because of a fear of flying; can’t pick up a nature book because of your fear of snakes, – fear of spiders, I’m sure you can think of loads more.



Help to stop smoking; stop biting your nails; weight control; stopping drinking etc. Yes, Hypnotherapy does work, but only if you are committed. It would be a total waste of your time and money if you were only half hearted! I can teach you how under hypnosis, the rest is up to you.

This is a copy of a Past Life Regression I did for a client (X). She has given me permission to share it with you.

What are you wearing on your feet? Silk, slipper type shoes – creamy, white.

What clothes are you wearing? Crinoline dress – creamy with roses on shoulder. White stockings. Low cut. Hair in bun at back with ringlets down back – blonde.

What is your name? Emma.

I’m 21years old. Lives with parents – Mum and Dad.

Mum is a bit like her, dressed similarly, dark hair. Dad is dark, slim, wears a suit with tails.

Live in big house in country near Bath. Called Everglade.

The year is 1840. (Not 100% sure of exact year) Confirmed name was Emma Johnson.

Dad works in Webster’s Bank. He’s in charge.

They have a housekeeper who does the cooking too. Emma does nothing.

Breakfast – Cooked –help themselves from silver dishes on sideboard;

Annie the housekeeper comes and does it. Rest of morning either play piano, sew or go in carriage.
Annie’s husband, Tom, drives it, and takes them into town. Takes about 10 – 15 mins to reach town. Lunch – Fruit In afternoon may have visitors and entertain. Only child.
Evening meal at 7pm – soup, big dinner – roast or fish, then pudding and wine. There is a candelabrum on the table. In the evening sit around the fire. Dad reads. Mum sews or plays piano. Emma reads romantic novels. Charles Dickens. Last book read was Jayne Ayer.
Nobody particular in her life at the moment. Meets eligible males at balls held in the local big houses. She was presented when she was 18. There was lots of dancing. They had cards and lads put names down to dance. Presented to local family who owned a lot of land – Lord of Manor. Sir somebody?
10 years on Similar shoes. Still at home in drawing room. Not married. There’s just Mum. Dad died a few years ago. Not really happy. Feels she can’t get married ‘cos Mum wouldn’t be left. Feels as if she’s lost her life. Has had opportunities to get married. There’s someone special. Feels can’t get married ‘cos Mum there. Mum not well – chest.
Mum in bed all the time now. Emma nurses her.
Dan is special. He works in bank as a clerk.

Moved forward 1year. Mother died 6 months ago. Emma feels sad and lonely. Still sees Dan.

Annie and Tom have gone. They left when Dad died. She looks after house on own. Doesn’t want to do anything during day.

Doesn’t feel guilty.

Moved forward Left house. Has little house with white fence and flowers. Dan’s in the house. They are married – have been for 3 years. Happy. Has a little girl called Gemma 1yr old. She has curly hair. House is in the country. Moved to Derbyshire. Her name is now Emma Smith. She looks after Gemma during the day.

Next significant event Gemma getting married. She’s an only child. She’s 18 years old now. Marrying Jack, a nice boy. He’s 21 and a farmer. He lives near.

Dan is happy and very proud of her. They got married in St.Michael’s Church, Matlock, Derbyshire. Forward Gemma has baby Sophie. Looks just like her. Enjoying being a grandma. Got a farm – outside – horses.
Dan retired –getting old – 56 yrs. Both healthy. Forward War started – 1st War Jack gone – conscripted – he’s 26yrs. Very worried. Gemma has little boy – Adam Wilson Emma and Dan helping look after farm. There’s sheep, cows, and chickens. Adam runs after the chickens.

Forward Jack wounded, and had to come home. Leg wound. Gemma doesn’t want him to go back. He has terrible nightmares. Was in the Somme. Fighting in Army.

Forward 5yrs War finished. Everything as it was before the war. Stay in house during the day. Forward Another child for Gemma. Boy called Mathew. Dan not well. Heart trouble. Emma tired and worried. Dr comes to see Dan. Very poorly. Bed most of the time.

Forward 3months Dan died a month ago. Devastated. Grandchildren crying. Everyone crying. Forward Dying. Missed Dan. Wants to be with Dan. Doesn’t want to live without him. About 70yrs. Moment of death Relieved.

Gemma is with her and crying. Dan there to meet her. Green fields – lots of people – all happy. Dan is healthy now. Just like when she met him. Both young again.

Any messages? I’m watching over Gemma and Jack and the children

Any messages for X? She’ll be OK. She’ll be fine. Any lessons – Live your life and do what you want to do.

Emma lost a few years because of her mum and you can’t do that.