My Personal healing with Quantum Healing

Just under a year ago I was hardly able to walk outside of my home due to arthritis in my spine and hips. I was registered disabled and was reliant on a walking aid to go even short distances.
That is in the past, I can now take my dog for a 20 min walk, do my own shopping around Tescos and even stand and chat to a friend for a short while. Ok I mightn’t be able to do all of those every day but I’m so grateful that I’m on the mend, and I’m improving all the time.

What’s happened to change my health? I trained to do Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy last year and a dear friend of mine was acting as a guinea pig. I asked if she would mind if I asked for healing for myself during her session and she kindly agreed. From that day on I began to improve. I also asked if I could have help to loose weight, and during the next 6 months I lost 2 1/2 st. Then things started to slow down, I didn’t seem to be improving any further and my weight remained the same. Frustration:))

This year,my friend had another session and once again I used her as my surrogate. Once again I had some beautiful healing and the advice I’d been given the year before was repeated!!! Oh dear! This time I realised that if I wanted to help myself I needed to follow the advice given. I’ve started on an alkaline diet and got my Tai Chi cd! And I can feel the improvements already. Watch this space.

Moral of the story:
If you ask for help there’s no point in cherry picking the bits you like and ignoring the rest. We are responsible for ourselves and have to put in the ground work too. That’s not just the physical but the emotional, mental and spiritual too.