What is Past Life regression?

Everyone has his or her own ideas about what happens when we die. It is my opinion that we all have a soul that is here to learn and develop; the aim is to develop sufficiently to merge with “god” or “the universal consciousness”. We take on a physical body in order to learn lessons along the way. A lifetime is a short period of time to learn all the lessons needed, so we return through reincarnation into a number of different lifetimes allowing us the opportunity to learn and experience different situations. A past life regression through hypnosis will relax you, and aid you entering a hypnotic state that allows you to access the memories from these previous lives.

By working with the subconscious mind we are able to access our Past Lives. You may already have been tapping into these through dreams, feelings of ‘having been there before’, or have emotions or pains that keep recurring without any seemingly logical explanation. By accessing these lives we can often release these trapped emotions/pains and in doing so bring about healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
While some people are merely curious about exploring their past lives, from the therapeutic perspective, the main purpose of recalling past-life experiences is to help the person resolve issues that are creating obstacles in living one’s life fully in the present.

Where-ever you believe the images that are brought up during a regression come from either a past life, the collective consciousness’, or just imagination, the images bring forward themes, emotions or situations that need to be faced and dealt with, in order help the inquirer move on or learn.

What to Expect.

The regression will start with relaxation. Allowing you to leave the stress of daily life behind. Once you have sufficiently relaxed then I can instruct you how to access these memories, and help learn any lessons to be learnt.
After the regression, you will be brought back to full consciousness. A CD recording of the session is usually available also.
Got more questions or are you ready to book to find out about your own past lives, then give me a call.
Have you already experienced a past life regression but want to try something deeper – then try a Life Between Life Regression.

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