Spirit Release

Another service which I can offer is Spirit Release.
Both people and places can attract spirit and negative energies. Under normal conditions, you may be unaware of this. However, sometimes the entity might make its presence felt, either as sounds in a building like footsteps or doors slamming, problems with the electrics or in people feeling drained, mood swings, etc. People are likely to sense things in different ways some might hear things, some see things, some feel them. This might all lead to distress and confusion for those experiencing, all of these things but not knowing where it came from.

Spirit release is literally the separation of your energies or the buildings energies from the entity (spirit or negative energy) that has attached itself to them. Where possible the spirit can then be helped to move on to a place where they can receive help but if not then at least sent to a place where is best for them.

Spirit Attachments & Negative Energy

Ghosts are the spirits or soul of people who have died, and for one reason or another haven’t passed over into the spirit realms. They have remained earthbound and in some cases, may even be unaware of their own death.
Spirits may remain in a place familiar to them or where they died. Alternatively, they can be attracted to people and feed off their energy to support themselves. A powerful spirit could soon drain its host of all energy, making them feel tired and unwell, unaware of the real reason for their illness.

Spirit Release or soul rescue is the releasing of these spirits or negative energies that have become attached to a person, building or area. Spirit release can be carried out in person or remotely.

The presence of a ghost/entity may be identified by certain symptoms:

  • Change in a person’s behaviour or mood
  • Thoughts that don’t feel like your own.
  • Unusual smells in a room
  • Sudden change in temperature/atmosphere in a room
  • The feeling of being watched
  • Child or animal’s dislike of a certain room
  • Disturbed sleep, waking up feeling tired
  • Light bulbs blow frequently, lights flashing on and off, or electrical equipment malfunctions
  • Objects that move on their own or go missing, toys that switch themselves on when no-ones around or things go bump in the night.

So Who You gonna Call – Ghostbusters? or someone a little less Hollywood.

Are you concerned that your house is haunted, or that there is some negative energy attached to you or your home? We may be able to help, with Remote Spirit Release

Remote Spirit Release

A Spirit Release is a form of Exorcism. The main difference being that Exorcism, traditionally carried out by Catholic priests, is only concerned with helping the person or property to which the spirit is attached, whereas Spirit Release will also help the spirit to move on to the spirit world or somewhere more suitable for them to be.
My daughter and I carry out Spirit or Energy releases remotely, which means we create a link with the person or building or area’s energy from home. Obviously doing it this way, distance is no object, and the person or people involved don’t have to undergo any ordeal.
Physically there is nothing to see as we carry out the releases in an almost meditative or trance-like state.
We work intuitively, using healing and love energies, helping the spirit to transcend into the light to the spirit world, with the aid of higher angelic beings.
Negative energies are removed in a similar manner, with the person or building given healing and protection afterwards.
As soon as you contact me, this gives us an energetic link, that we use to work with. In the case of a building, a photo or drawing of the area would be helpful but not always necessary.


We charge on a case by case basis, please contact me to discuss.

Payment must be made prior to any work done. This can be made either through PayPal or by cheque. This includes two sessions, the first session where we link in and carry out a majority of the release work, and a second session approx a week later to re-scan and release any energies which have surfaced since initial work took place. Any additional sessions required will be discussed on a case by case basis.
After a session, I will contact you usually by email, to let you know how the session went, ask for your feedback and give you advice on how to protect yourself in the future.

For further information or to book a session please use the contact me page.

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